School based projects

This is where we teach students skills they need to transform themselves, others, and our global communities.

School Based Projects

Initial our focus was on the impact of trauma experienced by learners and educators post the political violence during the early 1990s. Over the years there have been increasing number of referrals from schools concerning learners experiencing emotional difficulties and displaying behavioural challenges. Thus, the centre saw it fit to develop a comprehensive intervention program which will seek to offer some insight of how to assist.

Servicers rendered by Khanya family centre:

  1. Leaners

*Psycho-social counselling for learners experiencing emotional and behavioural challenges, and where possible their parents/guardians/caregivers.
* Therapeutic and or social groups when a need arises
*Preventive class talks for learners on developmental challenges e.g. bullying, suicide,
*Depression, drugs, sexual education, teenage parenting and many more
*Conduction psycho-educational assessment tests to determine the child’s educational challenges.
*Transitional program for the grade 7 learners preparing them emotionally, psychological and socially for changeover in high school.

  1. Educators

 * Intervention educational workshops for educators e.g. What is trauma, basic listening skills, how to identify behavioral challenges in children, Bullying, and child developmental stages, discipline, child abuse, HIV/AIDS and many more
*Assisting educators on how and where to refer learners
*Refer educators when they have their personal challenges


*Parenting workshops for parents on topical challenges e.g. Drugs and Alcohol, Depression, suicide, Parenting skills, Human Trafficking, Teenage Pregnancy etc.
*Quarterly seminars on issues like child abuse, children developmental stages, communication, discipline, HIV/AIDS, children’s rights and responsibilities and more.
*Addressing parents meeting as per invitation by school.
* Engaging parents and caregivers when they have their own individual challenges.
*Support group of parents needing such.