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About Khanya Family Centre

KHANYA FAMILY CENTRE is a South African Not for Profit community mental health care organization that has been providing accessible psychosocial services for children and families in the townships of Ekurhuleni, east of Johannesburg since 1994. Khanya ‘s “ healing through hope” slogan emphasizes empathy and passion—we believe that emotional and mental wellbeing is a key step in managing and rebuilding the lives of affected individuals, families and communities.


— Our Mission

To be the best community mental health centre.


— Our Vision

Khanya Family centre exists to:

Provide psychological counselling and support services to children, adults and families experiencing life challenges ,including those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS ;we also facilitate the process of capacity building for community members to promote their own well-being , growth and self reliance.

— Our Values

COMPASSION   : We shall treat all our clients with compassion and utmost care

CONFIDENTIALIY : We guarantee total confidentiality to afford our clients dignity and courtesy

TRUST : We maintain trust amongst our staff and clients

MUTUAL RESPECT : We shall afford our staff and clients respect and courtesy as a human value system

— Our Objectives

The centre’s objectives are:

Provide psychosocial counselling and support for individuals and families affected by pertinent community challenges like HIV/AIDS ,mental issues, trauma and socio economic deprivation.

Build the community’s capacity to participate in proactive solution seeking and finding in the areas that present them with psychosocial challenges.

Child and Youth Care work;   Thogomelo Psychosocial skills for caregivers; Thogomelo Psychosocial skills for Supervisors; Counselling skills; Victim empowerment.

The training is provided nationally and beneficiaries from the following provinces have been reached: Gauteng, Limpopo,   Free State, Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape and Kwa Zulu Natal. The centre conducted training for :

South African Women In Dialogue(SAWID) – Limpopo, Free State and Kwa Zulu Natal

The trained Social Auxiliary workers and Child Youth Care workers qualify for employment in the department of social development and other organisations .The Thogomelo programme is a skills development programme for caregivers and supervisors employed in community based organisations. The centre‘s programme has been provided for caregivers in Gauteng and Mpumalanga

  Student internship training

The centre is accredited by the Health Professionals Council South Africa (HPCSA) to provide internship to psychology students. M.Ed in Psych. and M.A in Counselling Psych students are provided with internship under the supervision of the Khanya family centre’s senior psychologist.

In addition, 3rd Year and 4th Year Social work students are placed at the centre for their internship, and auxiliary social work students receive their practical work training.

Wellness in the Workplace

With the increasing number of employees experiencing psychological or behavioural symptoms of poor mental health, Khanya Family centre has been involved in contributing towards improved workplace well-being. Our programme comprises :

Counselling for employees and/ or their families on issues related to mental health including dependency on alcohol, social problems, impaired relationships, communication, stress management, Depression and suicide, personal and time management and assertiveness and self esteem building.

HIV/AIDS policy formulation
Workshops for managers on HIV/AIDS
Peer Counselling training for supervisors
Trauma counselling
Companies worked with include:
Automotive Industry Development Industry(AIDC) reaching the following companies