5.7m* people in South Africa live with HIV AIDS. This is the highest number in the world. As a result of HIV AIDS there are 1.4m* orphans who often live in severe poverty as child or granny headed families in the townships. Both those infected and affected need support from counselling to physical aid.

15 years on, the emotional and mental impacts of Apartheid are still widely felt. From individuals who continue to live with the trauma caused  by the years of political violence through to those who struggle to cope having missed out on a full education.

Poverty is at the heart of many problems and while many efforts are made within South Africa to build a future where this is alleviated, there are immediate and desperate needs to be met through provision of food, clothes and care.


* A 19 year old who has found out that his mother sold him as a baby and has since turned to drugs, unable to cope with the revelation and rejection

* An immigrant from Zimbabwe trying to find a school for her child

* A granny-headed family who buried the last of her five children two weeks ago and now has eight grandchildren to care for with no income

* A 26 year old woman whose partner has just died of HIV AIDS. She has three children and is scared to get them tested

* An illiterate 16 year old boy who has never attended school and is trying to find employment