About Us

Khanya Family Centre is a South African not-for-profit organisation that provides free psychosocial services forchildren and families in disadvantaged communities. Since 1994 we've worked within townships in Johannesburg and Pretoria offering counselling and support to help those affected by problems associated with extreme poverty including HIV AIDS.

To us at Khanya, 21st Century South Africa is an energetic mix of progressive values and modernisation with vibrant and traditional cultures. We are a developing country with limited resources but as our national motto goes: We are alive with possibilities. South Africa is full of promise and a country to be proud of.

Yet millions of South Africans still suffer daily from the destructive and appalling levels of both poverty and HIV-AIDS.

We passionately believe that emotional and mental wellbeing is a key step in managing and rebuilding the lives of affected
individuals, families and communities. From our origins working in townships with victims of political violence that occurred in the final years of Apartheid, to today's ever growing number of child headed families due to HIV AIDS, we work tirelessly to support those   most disadvantaged in our society.

     Where in the world are we?

Joburg is described as the great big beating heart of South Africa and just 50km away is the legislative capital Pretoria.
Both are surrounded by underdeveloped and poorly serviced townships. The Gauteng province in which both cities lie means place of gold and its mines have long attracted people from rural areas and other countries, leading to overcrowding, crime and poverty.

The townships were built under Apartheid into which blacks were forcibly driven to live. Today despite being the epi-centres of HIV A IDS, and home to the most disadvantaged, they are also the true jewels of the new South Africa. These are reconciled communities tackling their problems with hope and togetherness.